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  AFC Gates

• Let elderly and children pass through first..

• Keep your belongings and clothes close while passing through gate.

• Take care of your children while passing through gate. Children less than 3 ft. height to be kept ahead and close to you.

• Smart card holders to ensure proper entry and exit at the exit gates


• Try to enter/exit the gates forcibly in a group.

• Stop and reverse after passing through the gate.

• Pause while passing through the gate.

• Try to jump over the AFC gates to make entry/exit.


• Stand in queue while when waiting for the train.

• Stand back from yellow line near the edge of platform.

• Let passengers exit from the train first.

• Watch your feet as you step over the gap between the train and platform edge.

• Wait for the next train if the doors have started to close.

• Stand back from yellow line near the edge of platform.

• Contact Namma Metro staff if any belonging falls on track.

• Any unattended belonging should be reported to station staff/ Namma Metro security.


• Try to pick up the belongings that drop on track on your own.

• Lean on platform edges.

• Come near the moving train out of curiosity.

• Venture out beyond platform areas.

• Try to pick up the belongings that drop on track on your own.

• Attempt to board the train when doors are closing.

• Block the train doors when they are closing.

  Inside Train

•  Stand away from train doors

•  Please offer your seat to children, pregnant and elderly passengers

•  Always hold the handrail or strap hanger while standing

•  Always use the safety belt for wheelchair passengers

•  Always sit or stand near your belongings


• Lean against the train doors

• Put your hand on the train doors or door edges

• Please do not occupy seats specifically designated for disabled

• Pull or press any button on the train except in emergency

• Scratch or mutilate any signage on the train

• Squat on the train floor

• Drink or eat on the train

• Smoke on train or stations


•  Always hold the handrail

•  Face towards the moving direction

•  Take extra care of children, the elderly and disabled

•  If the escalator stops please use the staircase

•  Always hold the handrail

•  If escalator is not working please inform the Customer Care

•  Please stand on left to allow others to walk past


• Run on the escalators

• Sit or play on the escalators

• Lean on the edge of escalators

• Let children use the escalator alone

• Stand or wait on the landing area of escalators

• Take prams or baggage on the escalators

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