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• Tokens are used as single journey tickets.

• These are captured by gates during exit.

• Suitable for casual travellers



Rules for Tokens:

• The maximum number of tokens which are to be issued by the Ticket office operator to a single passenger at a time is six.

• The tokens are captured at exit gate on completion of the journey.

• Period of validity of token:

Token of any type is valid for the day of purchase.

This will be valid for use at the entry gate not more than 30 minutes from the time of sale.


• Token sale station should be same as entry station for the journey.

• Overstay Rule: A passenger holding a valid ticket can exit from same station within 20 minutes and from other stations    within 120 minutes. For overstaying in paid area of Namma Metro beyond these limits, penalty of Rs 10 per hour is charged    subject to a maximum of Rs 50.

• If a passenger Carries away token without depositing in the exit gate, Rs 200 penalty will be charged.

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