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These are used for performing multiple journeys.
The user can load an amount in multiples of Rs50 upto a maximum of Rs1500 into the Card.
The stored value in the ticket decreases to the extent of journey performed.
Varshik fare is discounted by 15% of the Token fare

Rules for Stored Value Ticket (Varshik):

Topping-up: The currency value can be added to smart card at any of the Ticket offices,BMRCL website,Net Banking & Mobile One App

Remaining value: After each journey, the stored value on the card shall get reduced by the amount fixed for the journey performed. The balance amount resides in the card.

Denomination of Stored Value Ticket: The top-up in case of Stored Value ticket shall be minimum Rs50 and further in multiples of Rs50. The cost of contactless smart card is Rs50 which is different from the stored value.

Total maximum stored value:  Total maximum stored value on Stored Value Ticket (SVT) is Rs1500. For top-up done through outlets other than at stations viz. , the maximum limit on one occasion is Rs1500.

Validity Period: Stored value ticket shall be valid for one year from the date of last top-up.

Stored Value Travel Discount: As an incentive to use Stored value ticket, a reduced fare is charged when a stored value ticket is used. This is 15 % over token fares.

Overstay Rule: A passenger holding a valid ticket can exit from same station within 20 minutes and from other stations within 120 minutes. For overstaying in paid area of Namma Metro beyond these limits, penalty of Rs 10 per hour is charged subject to a maximum of Rs 50.

Minimum Balance on Stored Value ticket for travel: A passenger will be allowed to enter the system even if the smart card has a stored value equal to minimum fare on the Metro. The passenger is advised to ensure that he has sufficient balance to complete the journey. In case journey is performed for distance for which balance amount is not available, the card can be topped up at Customer Care to enable exit from gates.

Minimum fare charged: A passenger holding Stored Value ticket will be charged minimum fare for exit from the same station (if not overstayed).

Default ticket in all CSC: Stored Value Ticket is default ticket available in all Contactless Smart Cards sold by BMRCL.

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