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Press Queries & BMRCL Replies


The New Indian Express:

1. Were there any problems noticed during the trials?


2. How many kms of trials have been completed so far?

At this stage, more than 500 kms of run has been done for powering and braking tests.

3. What is the maximum speed that the trains have reached during the trials?


4. What is the minimum kms that the train has to run on the tracks to make before the CRS visit and for completion of trials?


5. How many stations are being covered during the trials? When will the train go along the full stretch?

All the stations. Presently on from Peenya upto Yeswanthpur but will be extended to Sampige Rd Stn by july 5-10.


The New Indian Express.

I have a couple of questions with regard to BMRCL's policy of transparency and accountability to the public. These questions come in the light of the recent allegations of favouritism made against the BMRCL in the Jayadeva realignment issue.

BMRCL is bound by the law regarding RTI. As regards Jayadeva realignment issue, the details are in the website since long! Aggrieved have the right to challenge the decision in court where the integrity, legality of the decision and transparency issues raised by you can be challenged and adjudicated.

1.Has BMRCL done any public meeting/ interaction programme during the construction of Phase 1 of the project to help people understand the magnitude of the project and the effect it will have on people who will be affected directly or indirectly with the project?

We have published the the details of the alignment and issues concerning it in the website and it has been widely carried to the public through media both print and visual media. There is no law requiring us to follow the procedure suggested by you. When land acquisition notification is issued by the land acquiring body - KIADB, affected persons can make representations against any matter of the project affecting their property for consideration of the competent authority. Aggrieved can seek redress through judicial process.

2. Do you plan to do similar interaction meetings or any public meeting with the people for Phase 2 considering that on of the reasons for delay of Phase 1 was litigation with regard to land acquisition?

No. We have no authority to do so. However, people can make representations which are examined and responded to by us. We have responded to all the petitions made to us. The petitions received in respect of phase2 alignment matters and our responses have been published in the website.

3.What is the process followed while fixing the compensation amounts during land acquisition?
Does BMRCL take a unilateral decision with regard to the compensation amount based on Market value of the land or is there a process of negotiation, etc, with the public- similar to the consent award process followed for many projects taken up by government departments in the state? (eg: DULT for the Hubli Dharwad BRTS)

We have an expert - Mr C Krishnappa, former Revenue Secy to advise us. On the basis of the advice, we make an offer to the patron-land/property loser for consent award by KIADB under the Act. If not agreed by the patron-land loser, KIADB will pass a regular award under the Act. We do not negotiate with the patron land-loser. It can be done only by KIADB during the stage of Award Inquiry.

4.Do you study the impact of the project on areas where the Metro alignment is made? How are these made public? What is the process followed in fixing the alignment for the project? Are surveys and studies conducted by BMRCL made public? Where can these be accessed?

Studies on impact of Metro phase1 will be done after the project is completed. Media including your Paper however have done their own impact studies of which you may be aware. Of course, such studies, when done by us will be made public. But then will not the study will always be considered by you to be biased and self serving especially if it is favourable to us?
The alignments are based on traffic studies that are part of the DPR. Procedure here is no different from that followed in Delhi which is in the third phase, Mumbai which is also in the third phase, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Jaipur.

We will be publishing the DPR of phase2, in accordance with the RTI Act after the project is formally approved by GOI. Other surveys, reports and data are also published or made available in acvordance with the RTI Act. When we issue investment bonds, we will also come under SEBI's and Stock Exchange's listing requirements, we will then have added compliance to the financial regulators as well. We provide details about the project in the website and through press notes issued regularly and also address individual information requirements under RTI Act.


The Hindu

After going through the HPC proceedings mentioned above and getting to know that BBMP is yet to approve the building plan, I need the following information.

1. What is the nature of the other commercial/ residential structure proposed to be put up by Mantri (in terms of floor area and number of floors of the residential and commercial towers)

We have submitted detailed joint plans to BBMP. After approval of the plans, it becomes final. HCK has directed approval of the plans. BBMP has gone in Appeal but there is no stay order.

2. At what stage/s the construction of building/s are?

The station buildings are partially complete. Other elements of the station building such as parking spaces, station accesses etc are part of plan approval by BBMP since it is integrated with the facility of the joint development partner.

3. Whether the delay in obtaining the approval is coming in the way of completing the Sampige Road Metro Station?

Yes. The station facilities including accesses are only partially created.

4, While HPC proceedings mention that the building plan is a single integrated plan jointly submitted by BMRCL and Mantri to BBMP, the agreement specifies that obtaining all necessary approvals is the responsibility of the concessionaire. Pls clarify

M/s Mantri Developers prepared the plan and with our consent submitted it to the BBMP. BBMP insisted that the plan must be jointly submitted since structures are integrated. We have agreed with the decision of BBMP and submitted plan jointly signed by both the partners.

5. In the background of BBMP's refusal to approve the building plans, what is the future course of action of BMRCL in this regard?

The matter is sub-judice and there is an order of the HCK to grant approval to the plan subject to conditions which we have complied with. BBMP have moved HCK in an Appeal (after having taken time of one week from the court to grant approval) but there is no stay order. At this stage, we expect BBMP to comply with the order of the court which is based on the decision of the GoK directing BBMP to accord approval to the plan. We wait patiently. Of course, in this impasse, the work is suffering, as the Joint Development partner is unable to move ahead both in physical and financial terms as further release of funds for further development is conditional to formal plan approval by the Regulator.



1. What is the first reaction by BMRCL for this condition of PIB ?

We have to fulfil the condition

2. Please elaborate on the methodology that will follow by the BMRCl to fulfill the FIRR rate of 6.5% by the Metro corporation in the future?

We will revisit the financials based on the deliberations at the meeting

3. Do you hopeful that the raise of the ticket fare will compensate the said FIRR?

It is one of the options which we will consider.

4. If so, what is estimated ridership in said arterial lines of phase 2 of the project? And those number found by any survey or the assumption based on the House Hold survey of Phase 1?

Ridership data in the project cannot be tweaked to improve FIRR. It is a basic design data on which the project is designed.

5. Finally, who is gonna take the responsibility if BMRCL fails to fulfill the FIRR condition put by the PIB in future?

The project MOU between GOI, GOK and BMRCL adequately addresses the matter regarding project sustainability. The GoI as a project partner is comfortable with a 6-6.5% FIRR at the stage of project evaluation. The anticipated cash flows being conservative estimates will enable achievement of the planned FIRR. As regards the responsibility for the achievement of corporate performance, there is a Board of Directors of the Company in which the shareholders ie GOI and GOK are represented in equal measure who are responsible for the performance of the company.


Deccan Herald

1.Could you elaborate on the methodology that will BMRCl plans to follow to fulfill the FIRR rate of 6.5%?

The financial data will be reviewed to address the matter.

2. Will increasing the ticket fare be an option? If yes, has there been a decision on how much it could be?

The fares are related not just to these lines but other lines as well. Therefore, this option may have a limited scope in the present context. Yet it will be looked into as it constitutes an important revenue component.

3. Given that the GoI and GoK are stakeholders of BMRCL, whose responsibility will it be if BMRCL fails to fulfill the FIRR condition put by the PIB in the future?

I have already answered this question which has appeared in a kannada daily today. Please look into the website.

4. We have learnt that BMRCL is willing to revisit the financials of the project, based on discussion at the PIB meeting, could you elaborate on how this would be done and touch upon certain basic intricacies.

Yes, all the details will be re-visited. Our proposals and results of our due diligence will be submitted to the GOI for consideration.


The New Indian Express

Kindly provide more information about the press releases sent out by your office today regarding two accidents on Reach 3 and 3B of the Bangalore Metro

Will there be any compensation provided to the worker or the vendor who was injured? Have any such claims been made as of today?

Yes. It will be done by the contractor-partner and is a matter covered by insurance taken by the contractor-partner for the execution of works in the project.
No claims have been made so far but these will be addressed in accordance with law.

I have tried contacting your CPRO in order to ask him the question, but Mr. Chavan has not taken nor returned our calls.

Please address your queries to Mr Chavan by email and he will ensure that you are provided with our response. We do not answer queries over phone as it is liable to be misinterpreted due to communication distortion that can occur. We have no means to address the damage caused by misunderstanding.

Also sir, if such releases are sent out 3 days after the incident,as in the case of the workman, it sort of defeats the purpose of issuing a press release in the first place. With a dedicated team including a CPRO, a PRO, I fail to understand why such releases should come after three days.

The draft press note was submitted to me for issue on Wednesday (I was away on Tuesday) indicating the steps taken so far but I got busy with other issues and it remained unissued. The revised press note was prepared on Thursday in view of the unfortunate death and issued. As regards whether the press note was irrelevant, it is left to your appreciation. It is your view not news. We have provided information which we feel should be shared with the public. If you feel, it need not be shared with the public, then you may not publish it. We have it on our website for general information. I do not think we are bound by the norms set by you as regards what we put out and when. Any information which you and the public desire can also be provided under RTI for which the available time for providing information is thirty days.

Is BMRCL issuing the release today just because he died today and did not see it fit to notify people about the accident three days back?

There is another Press note which we have issued yesterday alongwith the press note reporting the death of our worker, which is regarding injury caused to a member of the public yesterday morning. I am surprised that you have totally ignored it in your reference. This should negate your apprehension that the press note on the death of our worker was issued only because he died. We are not accusing you of bias but certainly of selective referencing that appears to create a bias against us. We hope it will be overcome with this explanation.

Can I also request Mr. Sivasailam or the PRO to direct the concerned office to include this email address in the mailing list? I have made this request exactly 4 times before in the past 17 months and unfortunately it has not been done yet.

Yes, we will include your email address too. We Request you to please send an official communication from your organization for our records. This is so because recently, we had to apologize to an Editor of a newspaper who protested against unsolicited emails conveying press notes from us which was stated to be full of official jargon of which a journalist can make no sense. We are therefore forced to put in place the requirement of official communication from the newspaper for sending press reports over email to their designated reporters and editors. Kindly co-operate and do the needful.


The New Indian Express

Questions with regard to the conditional approval given towards Phase 2 by the Public investment Board. From various reports, we have been told to understand that the FIRR will be raised to 6.5% by increasing the fares in some routes. Is this true?

We have issued a formal press note in the matter which addresses your query. Please refer us to reports which quotes any official statement from us that it will be done by raising fares. If it is from your Paper, please indicate the basis for the same. If it is by any other Paper, you may please address the query to them.

Based on your traffic assessment studies, etc, which routes along Phase 2 are likely to have increased fares to ensure that the target FIRR is reached?

No studies of the nature suggested by you for increasing fares to ensure target FIRR is reached are available in the matter. If you have done any, it may be made available to us for our consideration.

Do you think people will accept differential fares along certain routes?

Don't know. You may conduct a poll if you wish to ascertain the views of the people directly. You have introduced us to the idea and we will definitely mull over it as an option and method of implementation of the concept. suggestions from you are welcome.

What is the expected FIRR along Reach 1?

It is 6.45%.

Do you propose to increase FIRR along routes of Phase 1 as and when they are commissioned?

It is long term return and is intrinsic to the project. One does not attempt to increase it year-on-year nor can it be done!

If so, what routes along Phase 1 are likely to provide for the increased FIRR?

The question appears to be based on an speculative appreciation of facts and concepts.

If you could be so kind sir, could you also please update me on the status of the station work along Reach 3 and Reach 3(a).

We are at finishing works in all stations except Peenya village and Peenya Industry stns where the work of fixing roof sheets in addition to finishing works are proceeding simultaneously.

When are the trials likely to be completed and ready for an inspection by the CRS?

MoR have ruled that Oscillation Trials have to be done by RDSO first, prior to CMRS inspection. To secure RDSO trials we require two clearances from MoR - SOD 1. for horizontal and vertical clearances for walkways at curves and 2. exemption from provision of check rails in depot. We expect to receive it shortly. After RDSO trials, CMRS will come for inspection which could be in mid-sept at the earliest.

Are there any other approvals pending with regard to Reach 3, 3a? It has been detailed above.

It has been detailed above.


The New Indian Express

Will the Sampige Road station- Peenya stretch be ready in October? What is the status of work now?

The integrated testing trials are underway involving finished track, traction, signal, communications and rolling stock. Besides, training of personnel is also underway. In civil works, finishing works are underway at all stations. We propose to ask for Oscillation trials from RDSO next month by which time we expect to receive the SOD clearances from Railway Board and Speed Certificate from RDSO. After Oscillation trials we will have the safety Inspection by CMRS expected in Sep. The line can be open to public after safety certification Report by CMRS expected by the end of September.

BMRCL will also be reviving two lakes- the Veerasandra and Kengeri Lakes. How much is this going to cost? How do you plan to develop it? Have you, prior to the budget received any communication with regard to this from the state government?

This is a proposal made by NammaMetro as these lakes are close to the Metro alignment. Rainwater from the viaduct can be led to the lakes instead of to the drains. Hence we proposed to develop the lakes and make it ecologically sustainable with appropriate technology inputs as may be required. With the explicit government decision now, we have the mandate to develop the lakes and restore it to the city. We will develop a DPR with professional expertise. Estimated cost will also be detailed in the DPR.

BMRCL has also been entrusted with planting 1.60 lakh tree saplings at an expenditure of Rs 20 crore. Where are these saplings going to be planted? In how many phases do you plan to do this?

In the project, we have to grow 10trees for every tree cut or pruned. The trees will have to be maintained for a period of three years as well and it could be upto five years depending on the survival rate. We have requested the government, to identify land for us, where we will develop a botanical park, like lalbagh and hand it over to the govt. It will be done with professional expertise and DPR indicating cost estimates. Land will be identified for us by BBMP or Revenue Dept of the state governement


Deccan Herald

It is about the upgradation of roads along the Metro Reach 1 from Anil Kumble Circle till Baiyappanahalli.
It is learnt that the BBMP had requested BMRCL to be the lead agency to call for tenders to implement the project as per Tender SURE guidelines. It is also said that the BMRCL is seeking certain clarifications from the Empowered Committee before going ahead with the tenders.

The matter came up for discussion at the last State HPC meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary. The decision taken was that BMRCL may execute the Project on behalf of BBMP as the contractors are not quoting for BBMP tenders. It was also noted that BMRCL does not have the mandate to undertake the works not approved by the Board and GOI since GOI is also an equal Partner in the project with GOK. Hence the Chief Secretary advised to seek approval of Board of the company for taking up the work as deposit contribution works.

Deccan Herald requests you to provide the latest status on this project, as many Bangaloreans are eagerly awaiting some progress on this crucial road project.

The total project cost is estimated at about Rs 110 crores. BMRCL's liability in the project is limited to road works estimated at about Rs 6.3 crores which it will provide to BBMP whether implemented by BMRCL Or directly by BBMP. Contributions from BBMP, BDA, BESCOM-KPTCL BWSSB, are also envisaged. It was also noted that BMRCL does not have sufficient number of expert personnel in place to monitor execution of the BBMP project and if the proposal is to be implemented by Namma Metro, a new division will be organised. The proposal will be taken up at the next Board Meeting of the company on july 26th, for consideration.




Commercial operations can be expected after third week of Sep 2013.


The progress upto June2013 has been published in the Newletter which can be accessed from our website. It gives details of progress in other reaches as well.


We have conducting trial run on the Down line from Peenya depot to Sampige Rd station. Trial run on UP line is presently underway upto Yeshwantpur. We will extend trials on UP Line upto Sampige Rd Stn by the end of the month.


Don't know. We will write to CMRS with the results of Oscillation trials conducted by RDSO-Ministry of Railways, expected in the third week of August 2013. This is contingent on receipt of Railway Board approval to two items in SoD.


As stated SoD clearance for two items are pending approval of Ministry of Railways.


The stretch has not been detailed by you but I presume that it is reach3&3A. There is no delay from the point of view of time required for the works from the technical point of view, testing processes for systems both in-house and external which cannot be abridged. Yes, with regard to people's expectations, which are high and a source of strength for us as indicative of their expectation of the project, we may be delayed, but not on technical appraisal of the time ordinarily required for the works with regard to the constraints at site and other issues such time reqd for land acquisition and litigation concerning it all of which are factored in contract management. All our works are subject to proprietary audit by the C&AG. Reach1 has already gone through that process twice and other reaches too will be subject to it.


The New Indian Express

1: Allocating parking space below the via duct parapet of Metro for 2 wheelers Association president Mr. BP Srinath has said that while there is a dearth of parking on the side of MG road opposite to the metro, space between the pillars is not being utilized for parking. Is this feasible? Has BMRCL considered this?

Allocating parking space below the viaduct is infeasible on grounds of safety and also ensuring smooth traffic flow. The width is small - just 3m.
This is also the view of the regulator - Traffic Police and we agree with them. We are of the view that the entire Brigade Rd, Commercial street and MG Rd must be a pedestrian plaza, to start with at least in the peak evening hours and weekends. We can create parking facility at Ulsoor which is the only location where it is possible to do so without land acquisition. It is also possible to have underground parking in the parade ground if there is consent from the Army authorities and part financial support from the BTA to build it. Metro is a recent phenomenon but the opportunity for creating facilities in parade ground existed even before Metro came into existence. Also the demand for parking is not new. Therefore, the silence of BTA in not exploring the option of underground parking facilities so far is surprising.
Facilities come at a price and the association must be willing to support non-viable commercial initiatives because of the benefits they derive from it or be prepared to pay betterment charges on account of the facility when built by public funds catering to private businesses substantially.

2. Water falls on the road from the Viaduct thus leading to damage of roads. In your rejoinder to another newspaper you have said that there is no possibility of water falling from Viaduct at that point. Could you please answer if water leakage is possible at any point in the viaduct and if yes, does this water fall on the road? Has any inspection been done in this regard to find out water leakage and what was the result? also is BMRCL the authority to maintain the quality of MG Road and what is the status

The view that water falling on the ground from metro viaduct has destroyed the road below is a figment of imagination and not borne out by facts. Anyway, we are committed to repair the road if it is damaged on account of water drops falling from the viaduct. We have examined the matter and have issued a detailed press note after due enquiry clarifying the mid-reporting done by a fellow news-reporter which has also been published. You have also referred to it. Our stand is clear as you must have observed. Please go by the factual situation on the ground and not hearsay and opinions since the facts of the matter are easily verifiable.
We are also working on our viaduct maintenance systems to ensure that cascading water does not fall on the road. The entire MG Road boulevard and the Bangalore Santhe are situated below the viaduct and the mud-block structures in the Santhe are intact! Please go and have a look as to how the run-off water is led down the piers!

3: Shopowners are alleging that before metro construction they were assured that both sides of the footpath would be beautified by BMRCL once construction was complete, however, now BMRCL has informed them that the side opposite to the Metro station is the responsibility of the BBMP and not BMRCL. Is this true? Can you please elaborate on which side of the road is BMRCL's responsibility and if any such promises had been made to shopowners before construction?

First of all BTA was given no 'promise' of any sort either by the govt or by BMRCL. The boulevard was handed over to us by the govt and we have restored it in its new avatar about which your newspaper and others have written eloquently and covered the public activities. On the other side, we have the 'plaza side entrance' and we will restore the footpath abutting and adjacent to the property that has been affected by the Construction work. We are obliged to restore facilities which we have dismantled and we have addressed the issue.

We are not a civic body and hence we do not provide civic facilities. Providing and maintaining streets and footpaths shall logically be the responsibility of the civic body. If BTA wants better footpaths, it can be taken up as their CSR either on their own or in partnership with other institutions, BMRCL included along with others, rather than expect additional public funds from metro to improve facilities not touched by Metro Construction at all! It is left to the reader to decide whether the expenditure thus made to redo footpaths untouched by metro construction will qualify as legitimate project expenditure or frivolous expenditure. I am sure NIE will be in the forefront to question the expenditure so made and rightly so in the considered view of the discerning.

We can also associate with BTA to create the improved footpaths provided a mechanism to share the commercial gain or finance its construction is also made of the proposal in which we can participate alongwith other community based institutions using funds for operations. Spending project funds for such activity is ruled out. If BTA takes the lead to improve access, Such a CSR/PPP proposal from the trade association can be a game-changer. It can be facilitated by citizens' groups if BTA desires and facilitates. The ball is in their court, definitely because they are the larger body with the highest commercial gains.

Is it too much to expect the BTA to detail its contribution to improving the locality? The public will be greatly benefitted by knowing about the development plans that BTA organised and funded on its own for the benefit of the common man that has improved shopping experience generally for citizens.


Vijayavani news daily

what is ur reactions regarding death of a worker (govindaraju)
on 28-07-13?

The death of Govindaraj who was supervising the work at the site is indeed unfortunate. We mourn his accidental death. We have reported to the police and labour depts. We will also conduct an internal enquiry. At this stage, we shall ensure that the benefits due to him under law are made available.

Who exactly owns responsibility for the safety of workers at Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) sites?

Steps are taken for safe performance of tasks by all of us involved in project implementation - the site workmen and supervisors, Contractors managers, Engineers' supervisors, Client's engineers and managers. However, this accident is not on account of any failure to prescribe safety systems. The death is triggered by a vehicle carrying load that toppled.

several incidents of accidents happening again n again.. so what are the action taken by bmrcl to reduce like these incidents?

We do take care but such accidents are beyond the capability of systems' prescriptive control.

Has bmrcl submitted the details on number contractors, subcontractors, and number of labourers working at metro sites.? can u pls provide us those details (at least numbers)?

The matter is sub-judice and the High Court has the privilege to know the details of our submission before it is public knowledge. Please follow the court record proceedings published in website of the HCK for details.


The New Indian Express

BMRCL states, after accidents, that are enquiry will be done into the matter. We would like to access these reports. Can your office help us with this?

There is a detailed report prepared in respect of every accident, fatal or otherwise. However, these reports are confidential. They are however made available to regulatory bodies on demand.

What action has been taken against contractors every time there is an accident. Can you please ask your PR office to provide us details of the action taken.

All cases have been reported to the regulatory authorities. Based on violation of SHE Manual, at the project Engineer's level penalties are levied but the basic intention is to ensure compliance with SHE manual. We can provide you details of the total number of cases where penalties have been levied. However, penalty is not levied each time an accident takes place because the levy of penalty must be related to a violation of the SHE Manual by the contractor or his agents. There are cases where penalties are levied even without any accident or accident without fatalities.

How often does BMRCL conduct safety inspections on site.

There is a Safety division that oversees implementation of SHE Manual. These are part of contract documents. Therefore safety inspection is not a one-off process but part of the everyday process of construction. As part of the process, servicing of equipments, tools etc are routinely checked and reports maintained. Safety is part of the construction process not merely one-off inspection as you presume. There is safety clearance required for every major work. Crane work involving heavy lifting also undergo formal safety clearance for use of equipment and lifting method.

Can we get these reports as well?

The site and safety engineers at site from the contractor's side and client side at appropriate levels check and approve the use of equipments and tools before it is used in the project. In respect of cranes too, there are prescribed specific checks which are done and documented. The accident at Peenya is not in our view due to want of any deficiency in SHE Manual or deficiency in the equipment for the purpose in question. All these and others as the regulator thinks fit and proper will be examined by the concerned regulatory authorities for a deeper appreciation of the cause of the accident and culpability. In spite of all care that we take, accidents happen which is most unfortunate. All papers in the case are given or in the process of being given to the regulatory authorities for investigation. They are confidential documents for regular enquiry and investigation. May be you should approach the regulatory authorities for the papers to facilitate your inquiry and investigation.

Who are the regulatory authorities sir?

There are many 1. City Police 2. Labour 3. NHRC 4. PF


The New Indian Express

What is the status of these bonds? When will they be issued?

We are yet to enter the market with a Bond Issue. As regards when they will be issued, we will do it at a more opportune time, as markets are very volatile now.

Also, what is the procedure to invest in these bonds?

It will be notified for subscription.










Blasting requires prior approval under the Explosives Act. Licence is secured under the Act. Safety precautions for procurement, storage and transportation of explosives have to be scruplously followed. Access near to blasting locations is restricted.



1.In few corridors coming under the Metro Phase 2, the geotechnical investigations are currently going on. Which are the places where it is currently happening apart from Shivanjainagar bus terminal, Diary Circle? ( How much percentage of the soil test examinations are completed under Phase 2 )?

The Geotechnical Investigation work currently in progress in Swagath Road cross-Nagawara section and Hessaraghatta-BIEC section of Phase-2. (Approximately 80% completed in Phase-2).

2. The estimation amount for carrying out geotechnical investigation is how much ? ( Few reports say it is six crore for phase 2)?

The estimated amount for all lines of Phase-2 is approximately Twenty crores

3. When the soil test would be completed? Any deadline?

The Geotechnical Investigation work of about 80% is completed in Phase-2 and balance will be completed in about 2 months time

4.BMRCL in its website had recently invited tenders for construction of Metro Hospital Block in the premises of Vani Vilas Vilas Hospital? Can we know what is the plan all about, when it will be implemented and facilities planned for the Hospital Block?

The work is to build a Metro Block of G + Five floors for Vani Vilas hospital with allied services. Utilisation of these built areas is planned by Vanivilas hospital authorities.

5. Is BMRCL considering any steps to cquisit the land cquisition before starting out Phase 2 work? If ues, how?

The Metro alignment is planned on set of standards and parameters . The alignment is so planned that the barest minimum land acquisition is involved like considering alignment in the middle of the road in majority of the sections, Locating the stations/depot in open land wherever possible, utilization of Government land along the route.

6. Are there any plans to approach the state government and requesting them to take back the decision of hiked guidance value of properties?


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