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  The ticket media used in Namma Metro is primarily contactless technology. These are:

Tokens (for single journey)

Contactless Smart Cards (for multiple journeys)

The electronic chip residing inside the Token or Smart Card contains information of a ticket.

• Tokens are used as single journey tickets.

• These are captured by gates during exit.

• Suitable for casual travellers

Namma Metro Travel Cards

Contactless Smart Cards available for Rs50. The travel value is different from the cost of card.

Combo Cards

SBI Debit-cum-Transit card: A single card with a Contactless chip and a Magstripe for ticketing & banking application respectively. Issued by SBI.


Standard Tickets which can be loaded on Smart Cards:

Stored Value Ticket (Varshik)

• These are used for performing multiple journeys.

• The user can load an amount in multiples of Rs50 upto a maximum of Rs1500 into the Card.

• The stored value in the ticket decreases to the extent of journey performed.

• Varshik fare is discounted by 15% of the Token fare.


Trip Ticket (Sanchar)

• It can be used for performing multiple journeys and is specially meant for regular commuters between two fixed stations.

• A Single journey from one station to the destination station is a TRIP.

• A bundle of trips say, either 10, 40, 50 or 100 can be loaded into the Card for travel within a fare zone.

• Sanchar fare is discounted upto 10% of the Varshik fare.

• Sanchar ticket can also be loaded along with Varshik ticket and in such cases, fare charged during travel will be the lowest of the two.

  Metro-Bus Ticket (MBT) Day Pass  

• It constitutes two physical tickets – A paper BMTC day pass for Bus journey and a Smart Card for Metro Journey.

• The paper BMTC day pass will be issued by the BMTC bus conductors and Metro ticket offices.

• A Passenger must possess a Smart Card for Travel in a Metro Train. The passenger can use any existing Metro smart card which he possesses or he can purchase a new smart card for this purpose.

• This is valid for travel on the day of purchase.

• Holder of MBT can travel unlimited during the day of purchase in both Metro and BMTC Buses.

• These are of two types of MBT Day Pass- MBT Saral and MBT Saraag.

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